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8th MAY 2024




Rev. Fr. Vincent Olofinkua (B.A., B. Th., M. Sc., Ph.D.)

Acting Provost

  • The Proprietor, Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins, Archbishop of Lagos,
  • The Director of Education of the Archdiocese of Lagos, Monsignor Jerome G. Oduntan,
  • ·The Director, Directorate of Affiliated Institutions, Prof. Francis Offor
  • The Director, DLC, Prof. Omobowale,
  • The Registrar, Mr. G. O. Saliu ably represented by the Deputy Registrar (Admissions), Mrs. Stella O. Soola,
  • The Deputy Registrar, DLC, Dr. Morounfoluwa Oyebola.
  • The Chief Executive Officer Admissions DLC, Mrs. Adenike Omisore.
  • The Affiliation Officer, Mr. Oluwafemi Ajani.
  • The Acting Registrar, St. Augustine College of Education Akoka, Mrs. Mary O. Aipoh
  • The Bursar, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Mr. Emmanuel Bayagbon.
  • Director, Directorate of Degree Programme, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Dr. Augustina A. Ogundare.
  • Dean, School of Education, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Dr. (Mrs.) S. O. Okafor.
  • Dean, School of Arts and Social Science, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Mrs. K.A. Okereke.
  • Dean, School of Languages, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Mr. Nicholas Pughikumo.
  • Dean, School of Science, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Dr. J. B. Minari.
  • Dean, Student Affairs, St. Augustine College of Education, Akoka, Dr. S. O. Fabode.
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Our Matriculants,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is with great joy that I stand before you today to welcome you all to the 2023/2024 matriculation of our fresh students. I want to recognize, in a special way, all parents and guardians who are here today to witness this historic event.

My dear students, choosing St. Augustine College of Education as an Institution; and by extension the University of Ibadan; out of all the numerous Institutions in this country is a clear confirmation of the confidence reposed in us for our academic excellence known both nationally and internationally.

Matriculation is the first step of actualizing your dream for your preferred course of studies in this institution. By now, most of you are supposed to have completed or are about completing the Registration exercise. Once you are fully registered and matriculated, you become Bonafide students of St. Augustine College and the University of Ibadan.

As fresh students, it is expected that you will abide by all rules and regulations of this institution and participate in all activities. You must be fully committed to your studies and justify the purpose of coming to study in this noble institution.

As would be educators, you are expected to start dressing in an acceptable standard that bring respect and good reputation to the teaching profession. Members of staff have been advised to prevent improperly dressed students from entering their offices and attending lectures.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to join any Religious and Social groups that will enhance good character formation. However, the College does not permit activities of any antisocial groups operating on the campus. In particular, membership of cult groups is prohibited, and offenders will be expelled.

The Current Development Challenges in Nigeria

Despite having the largest economy and population in Africa, Nigeria offers limited opportunities to most of its citizens. Nigerians born in 2020 and above are expected to be future workers but only 36% as productive as they could be, will be part of the future workers if they had full access to education and health. Nigeria has the 7th lowest human capital index in the world. Weak job creation and entrepreneurial prospects stifle the absorption of the 3.5 million Nigerians entering the labor force every year, and many workers choose to emigrate in search of better opportunities.

The poverty rate is estimated to have reached 38.9% in 2023, with an estimated 87 million Nigerians living below the poverty line-the world’s second-largest poor population after India.

In most areas of Nigeria, state capacity is low, service delivery is limited, and insecurity and violence are widespread. Infrastructure gaps constrain access to electricity and hinder the domestic economic integration that would allow the country to leverage its large market size. Emerging problems such as climate change, especially in the northern parts of the country, add to these long-standing development challenges.

However, there is need for diversification of Nigeria revenue sources through improvement in solid minerals, agriculture and tourism sectors to boost the economy. Also, strengthening macroeconomic fundamentals will allow structural reforms to be pursued and economic growth to be restored. Educators and would be educators should be more innovative in the utilization of some teaching aid and equipment available to them. Furthermore, Educators of our present time must discover their passion and learn to overcome challenges that come their way. States should provide efficient public services, public goods, and a conducive economic environment for the private sector to flourish and create more quality jobs for Nigerians.

St. Augustine Community

Our community is joined together by a strong commitment to collaboration, respect, diversity, inclusion and learning from one another. We are a community where bias and hatred especially in religious belief are not tolerated. We also encourage personal and social responsibility by creating opportunities for students to share their learning with the community and to make meaningful contributions to the places where they live.

My dear students and parents, I would like to assure you all in clear terms that we are determined to uphold, protect and ensure moral values and peaceful stay of all students in this Community.

Once again, you are welcome and congratulations. I wish you a happy stay in SACOED.

Good luck and may God bless you real good. Amen.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Vincent Olofinkua

Acting Provost

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