Provost’s Welcome Address

Ag. ProvostI am excited to welcome you to St. Augustine’s College of Education (SACOED) Akoka. I hope you will become part of a College with tremendous positive momentum. St. Augustine’s College was established in 1971. The College is a vibrant community of students, teachers, scholars, counselors and friends living and learning together in the belief that moral and religious values in education is a life-changing experience to which everyone is called.

Colleges of Education are defined by their faculty and great Colleges are defined by having engaged teachers and scholars who bring new perspectives, ideas, energy and partnerships to the students, to one another, and to the College. Our College is a community bound by a strong commitment to collaboration, respect, diversity, inclusion and learning from one another. We are a community where bias and hatred especially in religious belief are not tolerated.

We are especially dedicated to supporting achievement in the area of teachers’ education and our mission is to produce specialist teachers for the total development of the youth at all levels of the nation’s educational system. We establish relationships of lasting consequence between students and the people who teach and advise them. We offer integrative education and academic mentoring. We champion relationships among students from different intercultural backgrounds while enabling students to explore equity and diversity in a setting that is socially engaging and academically rigorous. We also encourage personal and social responsibility by creating opportunities for students to share their learning with the community and to make meaningful contributions to the places where they live. The result, we believe, are graduates who are prepared to engage the complexities of life in a changing world with curiosity, empathy, joy, and resilience.

Please know that in our College, we have invested in your success and look forward to the many ways in which we will enhance your academic learning. We offer a great support system to assist you; so please do not hesitate to ask for help and advice when you become part of our community.

Beside your academic endeavour, it is our belief that you will make yourself available for one entrepreneurship skill acquisition or another during your four years of studies with us. There are available things we expect you to use your hands with alongside your studies that will prepare you for the limited opportunities in our Nigerian society today. Become a full, active, and engaged member of the SACOED community today and you will have a lifetime experience you will never forget.

Rev. Fr. Vincent Olofinkua, Ph.D
Ag. Provost.