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Rev. Fr. Stephen Egwu Una

on His Priestly Ordination held on Saturday, July 9th 2022


Rev. Fr. Stephen Egwu Una was a student of St. Augustine’s College of Education, akoka. He graguated from the Department of Guidance and Counselling.

APPRECIATION SPEECH by Rev. Fr. Stephen Egwu (Alumni)

Through this thankgiving mass, I want to sincerely thank God for the gift of the Priesthood.

I am really grateful for Rev. Fr. Vincent Olofinkua (Provost of the College) on his first ministry journey when he was in St. Augustine’s in 2013. He supported me most especially when I was the NFCS President in 2007. He encouraged us on our NFCS magazines we produce during our time and that has built that courage in me in my journey into the Priesthood. Something I thought I could not do, Father made me to accomplish that project and made it a success.

I want to really appreciate Rev. Fr. Vincent for what he did for my life and when I entered the College, all the structures has been transformed. Father Thank you for what your are doing in St. Augustine. May God bless you and continue to strengthen you on what you are doing for St. Augustine.

I can see new faces but there are some faces I can never forget, the likes of Dr. Ikejiaku, Mr. Clement, Dr. Ogegbe, Dr. Evarist, Dr. Tony. Well, I can still remember some faces but may not remember all names, Mr. Fabode, in fact, I am really impressed to see many of you. What I can not forget is what you did  for us, I am really grateful today. This College is turning to a formation home that most of us are becoming priests, I am sure one of the alumni Martins I. by September next year would be ordained a priest by God’s Grace so there are still thanksgiving coming soon.

All these things are your tiredness efforts, what you did for our lives and I am grateful to you all, talking about the staff and also the non-academic staff of this institution.

I thank my Alumni headed by my brother “Grandpa” Augustine Mary for carrying us along and for everyone for organizing this welcome thanksgiving mass for me. I am grateful.

Finally to the students thank you too, even if your faces are new. I started like you and most of all the President of NFCS of my time. I must be honest with you, the experience I had as the President of NFCS also contributed to my seminary formation even when I went to the Serminary which we had NFCS as well. I am happy that the NFCS is going and wasking higher.

Please I want to encourage you, It is true that St. Augustine is not an Institution that is easy to pass through but to be honest with you, you would not know the value of what you have until you leave this institution. Endure in terms or money you pay here but I still believe that God will provide for you all through Christ Our Lord. Amen!

8th August, 2022

The Provost, Rev. Fr. Vincent Olofinkua, Ph.D. appreciates Rev. Fr. Stephen, has God has been so good to him he came back just as one of the 10 lepers came back to Jesus to say Thank you.

We appreciate your coming as this means so much to us especially to the staff who taught you during the time you were here. This gives a better feeling and encouragement to them for having seen their impart coming back to say thank you.

Thank you also Rev. Fr. Gideon Vitalis an alumni of the College coming to support and congratulate his brother priest and thank God for his life.


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